The Best Haircuts For Every Face Shape (Men’s Edition)

The Best Haircuts For Every Face Shape (Men’s Edition)

The nice thing about figuring out your face shape and choosing the right hairstyle is that it helps highlight specific facial features. Given that most face shapes can wear most haircuts, choosing a hairstyle is entirely a matter of personal choice. You should select a haircut that works for you, just as you do when you’re dressing and grooming. Remember that the features that make you unique will also help you decide what hairstyles will suit you the best.

Fortunately, our guide to selecting the best men’s haircuts for your facial structure will teach you how to emphasize your best features.

Oval Face Shape

Oval face types have good proportions and may wear a variety of haircuts and lengths. Even if you think you can’t go wrong, it’s preferable to stay away from bangs or fringes that might hide your forehead and make your face look much rounder than it already does. If you have straight hair, ask your barber for a short crop by following the natural growth pattern. If you have curly hair, it’s preferable to let it grow out and embrace your natural texture rather than trimming the sides.

Square Face Shape

The fact that you have a strong jawline that gives a masculine appearance should be highlighted. Choose an undercut to highlight your unique facial features. Don’t be scared to try out different cuts and lengths because this face shape works well with a variety of hair types.

The best hairstyle for this facial type is a clean, tight cut that emphasizes the powerful jawline. The short sides and back with some longer hair on top always looks well for straight hair type. You can also go for a buzz cut or crew cut if you have curly hair.

Round Face Shape

In contrast to a square face, a round face has softer angles and typically bigger cheeks. A little definition would help round faces look longer. Due to this, you can think about getting a cut that is shorter on the back and sides and higher at the top to balance out a round face. Those with a round face can also offset a bald head by emphasizing their chin.

Oblong Face Shape

You must be careful while choosing a haircut so as not to elongate your face as it already is. Avoid pompadours and choose more balanced hairstyles. Maintaining extra length on your sides will balance out the rest of your look. Your face’s proportions will be more well balanced if you wear your hair in a man bun or slicked back.

Diamond Face Shape

Make sure your hair is a bit untidy so that it will better match your facial characteristics. Side parts look great on men with diamond face shapes. The wider proportions of your cheekbones and forehead will be balanced by an angular or textured fringe, giving you a more balanced appearance.

a barber cutting a man's hair

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