We’re the perfect place to get an exceptional hairstyle from highly trained stylists and colorists. Our salon provides services to men, kids and women with any hair type and style — edgy or classic, straight or curly, short or long. We believe that hair should be defined by its nature and shape, and we use the industry’s top brands to bring out your hair’s best. We offer our full range of styling, cutting, extensions and coloring options. We will nourish your hair and the quality of your cut will last your busy lifestyle. Our bright and well-designed salon, complete with relaxing shampoo massage chairs, is a great inspiration for purity and modernity. Contact us to book an appointment now!

Our Complete Haircare Services


Haircuts have the power to transform your entire look and give you the confidence you need to feel beautiful and free. At Head Rush Salon, our stylists are all about giving you that picture-perfect finish that you can flaunt on your Instagram. With over a decade of professional experience, our stylists are skilled in transforming your everyday dull look into something cool and trendy.

Our experts are skilled at all sorts of haircuts for women, men, and kids. Our stylists will help you find a cut that suits your face and personality no matter what age you are. Not just that, but we take extra care to ensure that the hairstyles fit your hair texture.

Hair Styling

Hairstyling can be the most tricky part of getting ready, especially for a big event where lots of pictures are taken. You wouldn’t want to look anything other than your best, and we can help you!

No matter the occasion, our skilled stylists can get your hair looking good in no time, whether you want well-crafted curls, straight and voluminous hair, trendy ponytails, or a formal up-do. Our range of styling services, tools, and years of experience makes our stylists experts in hairstyling for men, women, and even kids. Check out our list of hair styling services to make your pick!


Are you tired of straightening your hair every day, only for it to last a few hours? Try our hair blowout services! At Head Rush Salon, we offer the best blowout services in Glen Cove, NY. Our hairstyling experts can give you your desired look without excessive heat damage, that’s common with curling irons and flat irons.

Our expert-developed blowout techniques can give you voluminous, straight, bouncy, or brush curls in no time. Not just that, but our blowouts last a long time, and you won’t need to re-do your hair every few hours. So book an appointment today and flaunt your gorgeous hair with style.


The right highlights can truly transform your hair, accentuate your eye color, and even bring out your unique face shape. However, choosing the right highlights and getting them done properly is the real struggle. If your highlights aren’t done properly, it can make your hair look dull and weird.

That’s why, at Head Rush Salon, we train our stylists to create seamless and beautiful highlights that suit your overall look. We offer blonde highlights, ombre highlights, and Balayage highlights.

Blonde Highlights

We recommend starting with a darker base for blonde highlights, so blonde highlights will be perfect for you if you have brunette or brown hair. We use a unique coloring technique to add blonde streaks to your hair that seamlessly blends with your original color and adds depth to your hair.

You have the choice to go for minimalistic blonde streaks in your hair, soft highlights, or thick streaks that give prominent highlights. But that’s not all, the possibilities with blonde highlights are endless, and it depends on what look and feel you’re going for.

Ombre Highlights

Ombre highlights achieve a dual-color look with the base color fading midway and being replaced by a lighter color. Unlike regular highlights, which start at the top of the head, ombre highlights start a bit lower.

Ombre is a popular style and is preferred mainly by young adults, but no one is stopping you from breaking the stereotypes and getting ombre hair today. Our experts will help you pick the right color to make your hair look beautiful.

Balayage Highlights

Balayage is a unique highlighting technique that adds highlights using the hand-painted or swept movement. The final look is achieved by random coloring sections of hair, with the color becoming denser as it goes down. Balayage is a complex technique to master, but at Head Rush Salon, our stylists have years of experience and can give you the best results in no time.


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