From Kate Middleton to Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian, there are several celebrities rocking extensions—could you tell? When used correctly, most hair extensions look extremely natural and gorgeous!

At Headrush Salon, our team of expert hair stylists knows how to use extensions to make your hair look absolutely perfect! Let’s get together for a hair transformation!

Types of Hair Extensions

When it comes to hair extensions, you have a whole world of possibilities. You can choose hair extensions based on the look you want and also consider other factors like upkeep and maintenance.

Here are a few hair extensions that are commonly offered across the board.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Clip-In Hair Extensions

Sew-In Extensions (Weave Hair Extensions)

Halo Hair Extensions

Bonded Hair Extensions (Keratin Bond)

Pre-Bonded/Fusion Hair Extensions

Mircolink Hair Extensions

I-Tip Extensions

When you walk into Headrush Salon for your hair extensions, our hair styling experts will conduct an initial consultation with you to get a fair idea of what you’re looking for. The stylists will then suggest extensions based on your preferences while also giving your alternative options with their pros and cons, including upkeep requirements.

Come over, and let’s have a chat!

Why Are Hair Extensions Fabulous

Hair extensions are amazing for lots of reasons. Here are some reasons our customers love them:

  • They allow instant hair transformations
  • They can help you add color to your hair
  • They add volume and dimension to hair
  • You can try different hair-dos and styles with extensions that may not be possible in shorter hair
  • They’re super low maintenance
  • They can help you hide some split ends
  • They’re perfect for special occasions when you want to try multiple new looks

Ready to get your hair extensions? Come over to Headrush Salon, and let’s get started!

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