As the go-to hairstyling destination for Glen Cove residents, we deliver a wide range of hair services. We believe that hair is one of the biggest defining features for anyone. How you choose to style your hair affects your physical appearance by framing your face, your self-confidence, and even your mood and attitude.

At Headrush Salon, we help you choose a look that’s new and exciting yet comfortable for you to carry. Our hair stylists are known for their unparalleled styling skills and attention to detail when it comes to matching a hairstyle with an individual.

Hair Styling Services We Offer

From regular blowouts to complete hair transformations, we offer it all. Whether you’re just looking for a new everyday look or an elaborate style for a special occasion, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few hairstyling services you can choose from:

  • Blowouts

Inward Blowout: To tame the frizz and give your hair some natural volume;

Outward Blowout: For maximum volume to flaunt your natural waves or curls in all their glory.

  • Hair Straightening Services
  • Curling Services and Hair Perming
  • Updos and other elegant evening hairstyles
  • Braiding Services
  • Hair Extensions

The Process

At Headrush Salon, we truly believe that hair styling is an art, and it takes two to create it perfectly; you and your hairstylist. A hairstyle that works isn’t one that’s trending but rather one that looks gorgeous on you and makes you feel beautiful inside and out.

This is why our process has a special place in our establishment. When you walk into our hair salon, our team of expert hair stylists take the time to understand you and your expectations from us before making any styling suggestions. This allows us to be on the same page; therefore, the end results are magnificent looks that we’re all equally happy with.

Why Choose Us?

When you visit Headrush Salon, our top priority is ensuring you’re comfortable and that you leave satisfied with our services. When it comes to hair styling, we understand and appreciate the diversity in personal tastes and preferences. We never try to impose our choices on our clients but help them bring their vision to life. We give you hairstyles that you’re comfortable in!

So, come in and get styled!

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