More than half of the customers walking into our hair salon on any given day want to leave with a high-quality hair blowout. As hair experts, we couldn’t be happier to fulfill their requests.

We find blowouts to be one of the best ways to showcase a new haircut and make hair look healthier. This is why we strive to polish our blowout techniques and use the best blow-dryers, hair tools, and brushes to give you blowouts you’ll fall in love with!

We truly believe in the power of a beautiful and perfect blowout; it can help you turn your day around like nothing else!

Straight and Sleek Blowout

This is typically an inward blowout technique that leaves your hair dead straight. It looks great if you have a mid-length leveled bob. The straight and sleek blowout is a professional look and can give your hair subtle volume while keeping it tame and frizz-free. It’s a great look for professional meetings and other formal events.

Messy Beach Hair Blowout

The messy beach hair blowout is very popular with some of our younger clients. The look is versatile and effortlessly gorgeous—a look you want to flaunt during a daytime date. Go for this kind of blowout if you have long hair cut in layers—the blowout would enhance the layers.  

Vintage Voluminous Blowout

This 80s-inspired blowout looks stunning in shorter hair and makes your hair the center of focus in your entire look. It’s a more festive look that can be chosen for weddings or other special occasions. Make sure to pair your voluminous vintage blowout with smoky eyes or a classic red lip!

Polished Perfection Blowout

If you prefer something more natural yet well put together, then the polished perfection blowout is for you. It adds a few well-placed waves to the bottom of your hair and volume at the crown, giving you an elegant and polished look. It’s the kind of blowout you’d see on politicians and royals.

Hollywood Glam Blowout

The Hollywood glam blowout is super popular and for all the right reasons. This blowout technique is absolute perfection and gives you the kind of perfect hair we wish we’d wake up with every morning. With beautiful waves and a sleek side-parting to showcase the stunning volume, this blowout is what you need to feel like a celebrity walking into any party.

Ready for the perfect blowout?

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