At Headrush Salon, we offer straightening services as part of hair styling for women and men. While we love styling all kinds of hair types and textures, we’re happy to provide straightening services to clients who prefer a sleeker look with straight hair.

Our experienced and trained staff use the latest techniques and the best products available to ensure top-notch results.

Whether you find your hair frizzy or unmanageable or are simply looking for a new look, our straightening services may help you achieve the look you’re going for. Visit Headrush to learn more or see our amazing stylists in action!

Types of Straightening Methods You Can Choose

Depending on your exact requirements, there are many different straightening methods and treatments you can go for. Our hairstylist will have an initial consultation with you to assess what you need and what might work best for you before suggesting one of the following services:

Flat Iron Straightening

This is one of the most common ways, and you’re probably familiar with flat irons. Most people use these at home, and they help you make your hair straight temporarily using heat. We use salon-grade irons here, and you’re likely to see better results when we do it for you. We also make sure to use heat-protecting spray to maintain your hair’s health.

Hair Rebonding

This is a chemical treatment in which we use creams and hair softeners to break hair structure. We then use a neutralizer that helps re-bond the structure, giving you smoother, straighter hair. This is ideal for you if you don’t wish to apply heat every day but need tamed, frizz-free hair daily.

Hair Relaxing

Hair relaxing is also known as chemical straightening, and it is a process in which the protein bonds in your hair are broken down. This is a more complex treatment, and we highly recommend that you only let trained professionals like the ones at Headrush Salon do this for you. It requires precision, and when done wrong, it shows.

Thermal Reconditioning

Thermal reconditioning is also known as Japanese straightening and involves the use of both heat and chemicals. It’s a conditioning and smoothing treatment in which the protein bonds are broken. Hair cells then reshape these to give you smoother hair. It’s typically a long-lasting treatment but may come with certain limits.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment, also called Brazilian straightening, is one of the most popular straightening treatments. The treatment is generally considered safer than most other procedures and still gives you excellent results. Since keratin is a natural hair protein, adding more of it to the hair isn’t really damaging, and you get shinier, smoother hair that looks naturally straight.

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