Here Is Why You Should Consult Your Hairdresser For Brassy Hair
Fiery red hair.

Here Is Why You Should Consult Your Hairdresser For Brassy Hair

Everyone who loves switching up their hair color knows about brassy hair, especially if you like to experiment with your hair yourself. The shineless and orange-toned hair isn’t our favorite look on our hair, if we’re honest. How does one get rid of it without further damaging their hair? Let’s find out.

What Is Brassy Hair?

If you’ve ever tried bleaching your hair after getting it colored, you’ll find that the bleach may get rid of the color but not the undertones, which manifest as yellow or orange-tinted shades on the hair. Brassy hair is caused by the use of warm tones on your hair which are harder to get rid of than cool tones, leaving behind traces of old color. It’s not the most pleasant look.

Why Should You Go To A Hairdresser For Brassy Hair?

Hair professionals deal with color complications almost daily, so they have experience with color correction in a way that we don’t. They get rid of the warm undertones by using the right intensity of hair toners depending on the shade of the brassy hair and use high-quality purple shampoos to ensure the undertones are muted.

Professional Color Correction

Color correction is a method professional stylists use to mute the effects of a contrasting color on the color wheel. To mute the orange tones on brassy hair, they use blue or purple toners to neutralize the red hues on the hair, resulting in platinum shades.

The wrong kind of toner can end up not neutralizing the orange tones, which complicates that matter even further. Only experts with experience in color grading understand the right shade of toners to mute the undertones.

A hairdresser treating a client’s hair.

Access To The Right Products

Professionals also know what high-quality products are because of their regular experimentation with different brands. Since they provide you with their service, they ensure the best possible products are used to restore your bright and healthy hair.

Hairdressers have the right kind of knowledge, expertise, products, and time to carefully study your hair and root out the problems with your color grading. To get rid of brassy hair, it is best that you consult a professional.

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