4 Tips To Upgrade Your Hair Straightening Game
Hairdresser straightening a client's hair.

4 Tips To Upgrade Your Hair Straightening Game

We love all hair textures, but sometimes straight hair is just easy to work with. It is easier to create different hairstyles with straight hair or wear it as is until the next washing day. If you’re not satisfied with your hair straightening technique and think it could use a little polishing, you are at the right place. This blog will list a few tips you can incorporate into your routine to upgrade your hair straightening game.

Learn Sectioning

One of the most common mistakes we make while straightening our hair is incorrect sectioning. Using large sections of hair means the average amount of heat a single strand gets is divided among the number of hair strands.

Additionally, only the hair directly in contact with the iron is set, while the hair in the middle retains its original shape. Use smaller chunks of hair to reduce the time each section takes for flawless results.

Start With Low Settings

This tip is an easy one. Follow your usual hair straightening technique but start with low settings. Keep the temperature of the iron low and do a test strand. Bring up the temperature only if required. Modern straightening irons can go as high as 450˚ C, so unnecessary heat can cause damage to your hair.

Take Your Time On Each Strand

When your hair is properly sectioned and your settings selected, start with a single strand and finish it before moving to the next one. Avoid putting single sections between the iron multiple times, as that won’t affect how long the hair retains shape. If your hair is stubborn toward heat, understand that it is likely not your hair straightening technique but rather a result of other factors such as low settings or unwashed hair.

Woman with brown hair with a spray bottle in hand.

Apply Heat Protection

Finally, in order to protect your scalp and hair from heat damage, use heat protection spray. The spray forms a cuticle that traps moisture in your hair and prevents it from escaping at high temperatures. Healthy hair is key to having a top-notch hair straightening game.

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