Step Up Your Hair Game: On-Trend Styles For The Season

Step Up Your Hair Game: On-Trend Styles For The Season

Hairstyles help us express ourselves in fun and creative ways. The fact that your hair can always grow back allows us the freedom to switch up our looks as frequently as we want. We are always looking for new styling ideas to step up our hair game. If you are anything like us and love experimenting with your hair, you will want to try a look from this list of trending hairstyles.

Trending Hairstyles For Women

1. The Wolf Cut

Take a page out of A-list celebrities‘ stylists’ books and try a wolf cut. This trendy hairstyle has been around since the 90s and has re-emerged in pop culture after the rise of K-pop. The cut tends to soften the edges of your face and makes your hair look voluminous. For those of you who want to try something different, we would suggest the wolf cut.

A woman combing through medium length wavy hair

2. Wispy Bangs

As the name suggests, wispy bangs are an alteration of conventional straight bangs. This trendy hairstyle takes traditional bangs and adds different locks of length to them. What results is a soft and flowy style that is perfect for spring. The wispy bangs work well with medium-length hair, but you can also get them with short hair for a Parisian style. Like the wolf cut, this hairstyle can complement everyday and glam looks both. Check this guide to learn how to style this cut.

Trending Hairstyles For Men

A man on a train looking sideways.

1. Messy Hair

This is one of our favorites from this list of trending hairstyles. From Austin Butler to Robert Pattinson, the messy hair trend is red-carpet-approved. We love it because it looks effortless as if you just got out of bed yet still managed to look impeccable. You will need to invest in a good quality hair mousse or wax for this style.

2. The Under Cut

The undercut is another versatile hairstyle trending right now. You can get this look by trimming the sides and nape of your head down to the hair roots while letting the longer locks above fall over them. This is not a haircut we would recommend doing on your own. Hire a professional hair stylist to give you this look.

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