4 Tips To Add Volume To Fine Hair

4 Tips To Add Volume To Fine Hair

Fine hair is a type of hair texture that is easy to style because of its small diameter. People with fine hair find them easy to handle but frustratingly flat on non-washing days. This type of hair also readily traps moisture, making it greasy quickly. They are a double-edged sword in that frequent washes strip them away of essential oils and make them brittle, while not washing enough makes them fall flat on your scalp.

We know caring for fine hair is hard, so this blog will inform you of tips that can add volume to fine hair without overwashing it.

A woman with straight brown hair.

1. Hair Care Products

If you are dissatisfied with how your hair looks between washes, you are probably using the wrong products. There are several volumizing hair-washing products in the market that cater to fine hair. Invest in a good volumizing shampoo and conditioner. These products contain micro polymers that attach themselves to hair strands to give them a fuller finish

You should also invest in a good-quality dry shampoo. Since fine hair tends to collect grease at the roots, using dry shampoo at that region can prevent them from falling flat without stripping the hair strands of oils.

2. The Right Way To Blow Dry

Once you wash your hair, the correct technique to blow drying can help give your roots the lift they need for your hair to look voluminous. One way of doing that is to blow dry by switching the hair parting, giving the hair an instant lift at the roots. Another way is to dry them while holding them in the direction opposite to their growth.

For people looking for a quick drying session can bow their heads and dry their hair while they are upside down.

3. Hair Styling Products

After you are done washing and drying your hair, make sure your hair serum, mousse, or setting spray is adding volume and not harming your hair. Choose styling products that are heat-resistant and water-based (as opposed to oil-based) to avoid heat damage and greasing.

4. Volumizing Haircuts

A good haircut that complements your hair texture can boost your hair game. Face-framing layers and side-swept bobs are haircuts that usually look best with fine hair. Consult a reliable, professional hairstylist and let them suggest haircuts based on your face shape and hair texture.

A client consulting a hairstylist.

Professional hair care experts can not only give you haircut advice, but also advise you on how to maintain these haircuts with your hair texture.

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