Here’s How You Can Do The Grown-Out Roots Trend Right

Here’s How You Can Do The Grown-Out Roots Trend Right

Let’s face it. Maintaining bleached or colored hair is hard. Getting specialized products to retain color in hair or keeping bleached hair from drying out takes work. On top of it all, monthly visits to a salon to get root touch-ups are hard.

Luckily for us, getting root touch-ups is one thing we can take off the list of hair care ‘dos’ this season without compromising on style. The grown-out roots trend is A-list celebrities approved, so there is little possibility of going wrong with it.

This blog suggests styling options for grown-out roots so you can stay on top of your hair game without frequent touch-up appointments.

A woman with bleached hair and grown-over roots.

Resist The Urge To Color Back

We get that it is hard to look at the first few millimeters of growth without wanting to color them up too. However, don’t touch them until they are at least an inch out for shoulder-length hair and an inch and a half for longer ones. Use Dua Lipa’s Break My Heart music video for hair inspiration. Your roots can look like that in a couple of months!

Start With A Middle Shade

Now that you have successfully let them grow a few centimeters, the first thing you want to ensure is that your grown-out roots seem to blend into the dye shade on the strands.

 Hair experts suggest that if your natural hair color is lighter than the dye, you want to go a shape deeper on the roots to give a more natural-looking finish. Similarly, if your natural hair color is darker than the dye, you need to lighten the roots. However, don’t go all the way. Find a middle shade between the dye and the roots. Make a subtle transition and let it grow out. The next sprouting roots will look more effortless as a result, as if it is a reverse ombre.

Experiment With The Length

Once you start experimenting with subtle differences in hair shades, try experimenting with different lengths of grown-out roots. Hailey Baldwin’s long grown-out roots give a pleasant unfinished, and effortless look that you can imitate by experimenting with the length of your grown-out roots. This can help you constantly change your hair without much effort.

Three girls in denim showing different root lengths.

For a subtle change of hair tone, consult a professional for the color grading scheme for your roots and dyed hair. The professional will help you choose a middle shade and help your hair transform seemingly to blend with your roots.

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