Short or Long? How To Decide The Best Hair Length for You

Short or Long? How To Decide The Best Hair Length for You

As one of the top hair salons in Glen Cove, how to go about choosing the right hair length is one of the most frequently asked questions people ask our hairstylists. Although we can embrace trends as they change, not every style matches every customer, even if it’s trendy. When determining the ideal hairstyle and length for our customers, we do take a few aspects into account.

So, are you about to schedule a salon appointment for a new haircut? Before you get your haircut, have a look at this guide to get a sense of where to begin.

Face Shape

There are hairstyles for each face shape that complement your natural features. However, you might want to think about whatever style and length you like best. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear whatever you like.

The goal is to frame facial features to balance them out. The first thing you need to do is figure out what shape your face is: square, oval, heart, or round. When you’ve finished, you’ll have a place to start when deciding what length is right for you.

Texture Of Hair

Your hair texture, in particular how long it looks to be, has a significant impact on the length of your hair. Keep in mind that if you have curls, your hair will appear about 2 inches shorter than it truly is, while hair with waves will appear slightly shorter.

Hair thickness also plays a role in determining the texture of your hair and which length will suit you best.

Straight, fine hair – Your hair will appear limp as it grows longer. But if you want to add more body to your straight hair, consider cutting them short.

Thicker hair –If you have thick, curly hair, try growing it out longer to reduce excess volume. It will give it more weight and straighten them down a bit.

Frizzy hair – If you have frizzy hair, consider giving a medium haircut with layers to maintain the same volume.

Lifestyle and Maintenance

In comparison to shorter hair, long hair isn’t always simpler to manage. Short hair is not an issue for you if you’re the kind of person who goes about making a hair bun or ponytail.

Although, consider the fact that short hairstyles need trims more frequently. If you’re on a tight budget and like to visit the salon occasionally, then longer hair might work out better.

But don’t let that worry you because many short hairstyles can also be low-maintenance.

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