8 Hair Colors To Rock This Summer

8 Hair Colors To Rock This Summer

The hunt for the greatest summer hair colors is on as the temperature rises. Whatever your taste, check out these cool summer hair color suggestions from our expert hair colorist.

1. Golden Bronze

Golden Bronze is the honey brown shade to try if you want to add some complexity and brightness to your strands this season. This warm honey blonde shade with a sun-kissed look complements the majority of skin tones without needing to overly lighten the hair. For both brunettes and natural blondes, this hair color requires little care.

2. Strawberry Blonde

Want to add a striking touch to your blonde hair? If so, strawberry blonde is the hue for you. If you want a red hair color that isn’t as powerful as fiery red or other brilliant red tones, this is a fantastic option because it is the lightest shade in the family of red hair colors.

You may be sure that no one will pass you by because it is so distinctive and eye-catching. Keep in mind that strawberry hair fades out very quickly, so be careful to keep your locks carefully.

3. Ash Gold

Try Ash Gold if you want the ideal combination of cool and warm blonde. Lighter blonde and ultra-platinum tones are stunning, but if applied to the incorrect type of hair, they might appear unnatural and even harmful. Ash Gold provides a balanced, brilliant finish without causing harm or appearing brassy. Additionally, it’s a neutral shade that can complement most skin tones well.

4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon complements any skin tone because of its subtle orange undertone and warm brown base. Try it out this summer; it will give you a fresh, summery look.

5. Spiced Red

Generally speaking, you choose lighter hair hues. However, spiced red is always a good choice if you want to create a dramatic appearance that will make you the center of attention. It is unquestionably hot and fashionable, but it is hardly low maintenance. But the appreciative looks you will receive will make all your hard work to maintain this hair color worthwhile.

6. Soft Ombré

A traditional ombré is the best option if you want to add some dimension without making any significant changes. Since you can customize it to precisely what each customer likes, it’s a terrific option to color brunette hair. It’s the ideal option for a brunette to maintain their natural hair color without getting blonde.

7. Oat Milk Blonde

With oat milk blonde, you may choose between soft brown and bright blonde. Although it is still extremely brilliant, it lacks the intensity of ashy or platinum blonde. Because the color is evenly applied, you have more style options.

8. Burgundy

Thinking of a seductive finishing touch for your summer hairstyle? Nothing could be better than burgundy hair. Nothing could prevent you from wearing the hue designed to turn heads since it looks good on people of any complexion.

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There are many exciting, eye-catching, and gorgeous color trends to try something fresh without being frightened to fail. At Head Rush Salon, we’re here to make you feel your best attractive since your hair is an aspect of how you express yourself. We can’t wait to help you in slaying these hot new summer trends.

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