5 Tips That’ll Help You With Your Toddler’s Haircut

5 Tips That’ll Help You With Your Toddler’s Haircut

Ask any hairdresser, and they’d tell you that toddlers’ haircuts are one of the top-most challenging parts of their career. Of course, any experienced mother would tell you the same.

Generally, a toddler’s haircut is a handful of tantrums, lots of meltdowns, a couple of screams, threats, a little coddling, and bribes. But it’s also a headache and can leave you physically and mentally drained. Were you planning to take some perfectly Instagram-able shots of your little one post-haircut? We hate to break it to you, but you’ll probably be ready to hit the sack after this tiring adventure.

But that being said, here are some tips that may help tone down things slightly.

Choose the Perfect Time

When it comes to a toddler’s haircut, timing is critical. This is because toddlers typically have very set schedules with their nap time, meal and snack times, and so on, and any diversions from a usual schedule can cause them to become cranky.

So ideally, when booking an appointment, ensure that you’re not trying to give them a haircut when they’re supposed to be napping or eating.

Keep Distractions Ready

Distractions can be a huge help because, frankly, kids this age can easily be distracted. All it takes is a favorite toy, a yummy snack, or their favorite video on YouTube.

So, when you head out to the salon, let them bring along whatever they want; a toy, tablet, or if they like reading, perhaps a book. Even if they choose not to bring anything, pack their favorite things anyway.  

Help Them Get Comfortable with The Salon

Most of the time, kids throw tantrums simply because they’re scared and anxious about a new place and an unknown person with scissors around them.

So, give them time to familiarize themselves with the salon. You can do this by taking them with you when you get a haircut. Let them watch you and introduce them to the person who will cut their hair later.

Don’t Make Them Face The Mirror

Another way to combat the fear of salons and haircuts is to let your toddler face away from the mirror. Most children will get scared when they see a stranger with scissors buzzing around them.

If they’re not looking at the mirror, they won’t constantly be reminded that they’re getting a haircut, and it’ll be easier to keep them distracted with toys and so on. So, instead of facing the mirror, let them face you.  

Choose A Stylist That Has Experience With Kids

A toddler getting a haircut

This is one of the most important things you need to do. Some salons offer haircuts, especially for kids, so don’t just ask your regular stylist to do your child’s hair. Hair stylists with experience with kids already know what they’re dealing with and are gentler and more understanding toward them.

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