4 Cute Haircuts For Your Little Girl

4 Cute Haircuts For Your Little Girl

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A flattering haircut has the power to make adults feel confident and attractive. In the same way, a nice haircut can also empower our little ones and improve their confidence. If you’re looking for cute designs and ideas for your little girl’s haircut, you’ve come to the right place. Our expert hairstylists at Head Rush Salon have years of experience catering to the youngest clients aged 2 and above.

Here are some cute haircuts for little girls:

Blunt Bangs And Curly Hair

Most baby girls and first graders who grace our salon request blunt or curtain bangs for girls with long hair. We often cut curly hair with layers to remove the bulky thickness and make it easier for your little girl to manage her hair. Next, we style it with blunt bangs because it keeps the hair out of their eyes and cheeks. This style makes it easier for them to play and have fun without moving their hair out of the way all the time.

Curtain Bangs For Loose Waves

Wavy hair is one of the most beautiful hair textures. They have a great look and movement, whether worn short or long. Your lovely girl can embrace her hair texture by wearing her loose hair with a gorgeous curtain bangs haircut. You can pin hair bangs to the side for a cute and stylish hairdo with elegant hair accessories.

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Face Framing Layers

Layers are in fashion, and they’re perfect for wearing your hair up, down, or braided. This can give your little girl a cute appearance. The haircut also doesn’t require much styling. You can pin up the sides of her hair or make tiny braids from the side and pin them at the back of her head, and voila! It’ll help balance her facial features while keeping the hair out of the eyes.

A Longer Bob

For sleek and straight hair, we often recommend a longer bob or a lob haircut which styles the hair length by the clavicle and jaw. It gives the illusion of having longer hair while being low-maintenance. This haircut complements almost all hair textures. And it’s a flattering style for every young girl.

Get Stylish Hair Cuts For Kids At Head Rush Salon In Glen Cove

If you’re taking your little girl for a haircut, check out our beauty salon Glen Cove. Our expert hairstylists will also guide you on the best haircuts depending on your little one’s hair textures and length before they start cutting.

Get in touch with us today at Head Rush Salon to learn more about our haircuts for women Glen Cove, men, children, and other hair maintenance services.

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