3 Adorable Hairstyles For Little Flower Girls

3 Adorable Hairstyles For Little Flower Girls

If anybody’s as excited about the wedding as the bride, it’s probably the flower girls. It’s not every day they’re invited to grown-up events, especially ones where they share the limelight and play an important role in the ceremony.

Most flower girls will, of course, take their role very seriously and will want to do their best. And this means they know the importance of looking great as they walk down the aisle. And while the bride will probably decide your dress, you do need to decide on a lovely hairstyle.

Here are some flower girl hairstyles you can try.

A High Bun with a Crown

A high, chic bun is one of the neatest ways to go about it. Go with something like a sleek ballerina bun—the classic kind. It will look elegant but will also give your little flower girl an endearing lady-like look that will make them feel very grown-up and confident. It’s also a great way to make the little one look well-put together until the end of the event, keeping their hair away from the face.

Also, make sure to add a tiara or a flower crown at the top. The flowers can be the same as the ones in the bride’s bouquet.

A little girl with a bride

Bows and Curls

If your flower girl has beautiful curls, let her show them off! There are many ways to style curls to make them look stunning and presentable. You can either pile them on top of the head to create a pretty crown or pin back half the curls while leaving the remaining half open to frame their face.

Make sure to incorporate big bows with the curls to add color and character to the hairstyle!

Pretty Braids And Pearls

Braids are part of most classic flower girl hairstyles. From a beautiful French braid with beads and pearls to a classic braid with floral details, there are so many to choose from. You also go with a side-swept fishtail braid or a waterfall braid with loose curls.

Make sure to add flowers, pearls, and other details to define the twists and folds and make your flower girl stand out!

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